Nags Head NC“Nags Head”, a term commonly used to generically refer to that piece of real estate known as the Outer Banks, was first a physical location on a map, then a township, and finally, THE most recognizable of all the Outer Banks vacation destinations.

There are many suppositions as to the origin of the town’s name, but legend and lore insists that early 18th century “Bankers”, realizing how profitable piracy was for sea-going scoundrels such as Blackbeard, developed their own unique method as land-based pirates.  Horses with lanterns tied to their necks were walked up and down the beach at night.  Merchant skippers in the off shore waters would mistakenly think the lights were from other ships closer to shore.  They would then change course and run aground with the Bankers pillaging their cargoes.

Around 1830, Nags head became known as a plush resort area and it remains so today, with a wealth of activities to please a variety of tastes.  The last vestige of the giant moving sand dunes that once towered over the beaches and greeted the first explorers is “Jockey’s Ridge”.  Surrounding “Jockey’s Ridge State Park” are thousands of beautiful vacation homes and wide sandy beaches beckon to travelers from all over the world.  Modern day “Outer Bankers” no longer need a horse and lantern to lure visitors  – the beaches, world-record fishing, golfing, shopping, restaurants, nature trails, wildlife refuges, shipwreck remains, historic sites and lucrative real estate investment opportunity  attract them just fine.


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